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Great Health is the Ultimate Luxury 

-- John R. Prufeta, Chairman of Medical Excellence International

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Medical Excellence Foundation

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Welcome to Medical Excellence! We are a private health advisory firm designed to carefully curate the best doctors, top medical science, and expert management services. The pace of innovation in health care diagnostics and treatment, most notably in the last few years, has been nothing short of amazing. And, in the 2020s we will see the greatest decade of medical advances in the diagnosis and treatment of illness in history. Truly, with the advent of precision health, patients will enjoy a much larger menu of preventative and interventional choices to pursue good health and healthy longevity. Navigating the complex medical innovation landscape is both difficult and, at the same time, highly valuable. Founded in 2007, Medical Excellence is the preeminent Private Health Advisory organization created to provide our Members with preferred access to the best that medicine can offer. Families in four Continents trust Medical Excellence to curate the medical innovation landscape to ensure they are receiving state-of-the-science medical care. 

Advisory Services

Elite Private Health Advisory Services

Concierge Care Coordination Worldwide. Emphasis: Prevention

Medical Excellence is the preeminent coordinator and facilitator of high-quality care for international patients seeking the finest physicians and health care facilities in the United States. The cornerstone of our approach to health is preventive in nature; we believe that the best health and longevity outcomes are achieved by avoiding altogether the need for catastrophic care, particularly when our clients are distributed across the globe in the pursuit of business, personal, or other endeavors, far from our academic partners.

Nonetheless, we recognize that the nature of medical and surgical illness is unpredictable. Even those with the best and most regular access to primary and preventative care can experience unanticipated illness at any time and at any age, by virtue of injury, accident, or a medical event that arises without warning. This can be true despite having had access to the finest preventative care available. We further recognize the geographic constraints created by the “global mobility” of our members, and the often-limited health care infrastructure in many of the countries where ME members travel and reside. However, regular rigorous preventative medical services significantly de-risks the potential and severity of major illness.

The global mobility of affluent individuals creates another problem that Medical Excellence solves: The health care experiences of high-net-worth individuals – from common colds to orthopedic injuries to unexpected hospitalizations – is typically scattered across the globe, and generally in an uncoordinated fashion. Medical Excellence network physicians augment the care provided by your local doctor, American Physician and Medical Center, whether you are at home, in the United States for your annual evaluation, or traveling anywhere in the world. We do this by understanding, chronicling, and conveying your up-to-the-minute “big picture” health status to your Physician at Home, in the United States, or someone rendering care anywhere in the world. And precisely when it has a bearing on your immediate medical situation.



Description and Cost

Why Medical Excellence?

Medical Exellence offers two types of membership products: Individual and Corporate. You may purchase membership products for yourself and your family. You may also provide this health protection to the most valuable clients and executives of your corporation.

Our Members want the same highly disciplined approach and system for health care as they enjoy in their professional life. They fully understand that crafting the optimal health and longevity program is best if left.

Preventative Medicine. Predictive Medicine. Precision Medicine. Longevity Sciences. Each of these represent literally $billions of focused investment by scientists throughout the world.

What is real and valuable? What is ineffective or even dangerous?  

  • We carefully built a network of top physicians and academic medical centers that represent the vanguard of medical capabilities

  • Our Intelligence team and partnership with Medical Excellence Capital allows us to track and curate the most leading edge of medical innovation

  • We created highly-customizable Preventative and Interventional Medical Programs designed to advance longevity

Medical Excellence offers:

• LifeMember – Elite Preventative Program

• Global MedPass – Precision Health for Interventional and Chronic Care Needs

• Second Opinion Service

Global MedPass 
Second Opinion

Elite Preventative Health and Longevity Program

Precision Health for Interventional and Chronic Care Needs

Review and Recommendations from World Best Doctors

Rx for Client

Rx for Client Healthcare

Comprehensive Risk Management for your Most  Precious Asset

The Gold Standard Care  >>>

Professional Management  >>>

Retain a Health Advisor. You retain top Advisors to provide risk management and optimize results for your financial assets to ensure that the fruits of your labor are well protected. MEI applies the same logic to health risk management, using the latest knowledge and health management techniques to protect you and your family’s health.

As your personal health advisor, we advocate the importance of a comprehensive annual physical examination performed by the world’s elite physicians.

Successful Experience throughout the world

Top medical resources are rare commodities. MEI’s management team has accrued an average of over twenty-five years of experience in the fields of medical and health care management. We know how to identify the most credible/best doctors operating at the highest levels of their profession, along with their medical facilities, they offer the most comprehensive preventative and advanced medical care available in the world. Furthermore, we assist our members in navigating they complicated process of seeking health care and medical services.

Digitize Vital Data >>>

The Ubiquitous Umbrella >>>

Information that Works for You >>>

Quality matters. Your health deserves the best care

Your dedication to excellence and resilience in challenging the status quo laid a solid foundation for your remarkable success today. Now, it is time to protect your longevity, as well as safeguard the health of your family. To achieve optimal results, we institute a set of uncompromised services consistent with the same quality and standards you demand in your life. Professional management of health care has become a highly desirable service as modern medicine becomes more specialized and complex, while top medical providers’ time becomes both more valuable and scarce.



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Olga Prufeta

Vice Chairman

Founding member Olga Prufeta currently holds appointments as Senior Managing Director of Medical Excellence International, LLC and Vice Chairman of Medical Excellence, Inc. (Europe). She co-developed the Russia and Eastern Europe markets.

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Annabel Stoddart

Head of U.K

Annabel has over 15 years worth of experience initially within Financial Services and in a Family Office environment. She led an office supporting one of the world’s most prominent families in every aspect of their lives.


Anna Malyutina

Regional Director for Russia

Anna Malyutina is Regional Director and Head of Business Development for the Russian market. Anna began her career as a Project and Finance Manager at the World Trade Center, Alaska.


Aileen Zhong

Vice President of Operations and Finance

Aileen Zhong joined Medical Excellence International (MEI) as the Vice President of Finance & Operations. In this position, Ms. Zhong is responsible for the company’s priority development projects, as well as overseeing finance and accounting.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 8.01.37 PM.png
John Prufeta

John Prufeta is Founder and Chairman of Medical Excellence International and Chairman of Medical Excellence International Ltd., Hong Kong. He is General Partner of Medical Excellence Capital, LLC, a growth stage Venture Capital company investing in Gene Therapy, AI, and Regenerative Medicine. Mr. Prufeta was Chairman & Managing Partner of Agilence Health Advisors, LLC, a global healthcare business performance acceleration and venture development

Rick X. Niu

Mr. Niu is president of Starr Strategic Investments, and oversees all aspects of Starr's global capability that meets the investment, risk management and strategic needs of emerging-market investors doing business in the U.S. and around the world, as well as companies and local governments in developed and developing countries seeking international investments that support commercial growth, capital optimization and job creation.



Medical Excellence Companies
John R. Prufeta

Mr. Prufeta is founder of Medical Excellence. He is General Partner and CEO of Medical Excellence Capital, LLC, a venture capital firm that invests in Genetic Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, AI/Machine Learning and selected therapeutics. He remains as Chairman of Medical Excellence Companies, a leading Private Health Advisory company. He was the turnaround President and CEO of Medix Resources, Inc, a publicly-held (NYSE: MXR) and co-founder of OnPoint Partners/Creative Management Strategies. John was a founding board member of PalliaTech/CuraLeaf (CURA) as well as founding board member and enthusiastic supporter of Veterans Moving Forward, Inc. (

Starr Investments Co.
Maurice R. Greenberg

Maurice R. Greenberg is Chairman of Starr Insurance Companies, a global insurance and investment organization founded in 1919. Mr. Greenberg retired as Chairman and CEO of American International Group (AIG). Under his leadership, AIG grew from an initial market value of US$300 million to US$180 billion, becoming the largest insurance company in the world. He is a Former Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve. Mr. Greenberg is also chairman of The Starr Foundation. Under his leadership, the Starr Foundation has grown to become one of the largest private foundations in the United States. The Foundation has made more than US$3.5 billion in grants worldwide to many medical, academic, cultural and public policy organizations around the world.

Our Story

Telling Our Story 

The Science of Cancer

is changing very rapidly within the research labs of the major medical research organizations across the world. Truly, the entire disease category is being revolutionized. New discoveries in treatment methodologies, technologies, and medicines are being developed, approved introduced to patients every day. Only a few institutions in the world have the combined clinical and research capability to perform at the elite level of cancer patient care. For patients with cancer, it is literally life-saving to receive the perfect combination of available science. Medical Excellence has developed close relationships with the leading figures in cancer treatment. As an example, recently we were introduced to a patient suffering greatly from a particularly difficult lymphoma. A retired physician and active outdoorsman, the disease was causing major systemic issues that dramatically affected his quality of life. Walking even two hundred meters taxed all of his energy, forcing him to abandon all of his outdoor activities. This individual had experienced the recommended treatment regimen of his home country, as well as in Europe, and was ready to admit defeat.

One of his family members, already a Medical Excellence member, recommended MEI as a possible alternative. Fortunately, we were able to find the patient an oncology expert that is at the very top of his profession. Having recently participated in the creation of a revolutionary new medication (principally developed by his faculty), he placed our patient on the new drug, which had only received government approval six weeks before. Described literally as “an atomic bomb against lymphoma”, the response was slow at first. We continually monitored his progress each day. However, within three weeks our patient was freely walking and returned to deep sea fishing and most of the activities he enjoys. Today, seven years later, he is symptom-free and living an enjoyable, energetic, and active life. Cutting-edge medicine has much to offer individuals suffering from cancer. Having an advocate to organize treatment, follow-up with doctors and hospitals, and provide personal support provides a solid platform to receive optimal treatment.​


We organize the data, build the medical team, arrange the care, manage the information, and stay with the patient throughout their treatment, follow-ups, and long term care. Medical Excellence works as your advocate every step on the road to recovery.

Our Network

Our Network — Best Doctors. Best Medical Centers.

Integrative Medical Centers
Specialty Medical Centers

Harvard School of Medicine Faculty
Massachusetts General Hospital

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital
John Hopkins Hospital and Medical Faculty
The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia/Cornell Medical Center
Cleveland Clinic and Hospitals

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Mayo Clinic – Minnesota, Arizona, Florida
Duke University Medical Center

NYU Medical Center
UCLA Reagan Medical Center
UCSF Medical Center
Keck Hospital of USC
Stanford Medical Center and Medical Faculty

Yale University Medical Center

University of Pennsylvania Hospital

Hospital for Special Surgery –

orthopedics and sports medicine
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Dana-Farber Cancer Center


Children’s Hospitals

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Boston Children’s Hospital
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary


Partners in Excellence – Referral to Medical Excellence

Medical Excellence Invites You to Become One of a Select Group of Distinguished Partners in Excellence

Partnerships in Excellence
Privileges of Partnership

• We are a perfect complement to elite private banks, family offices, investment banks, law firms, insurers, benefits consultants and others who serve high net worth individuals

• Give your clients access to the world’s best healthcare from the most prestigious doctors and hospitals coordinated by our professional managers

​• Underscore your focus on sound advice and comprehensive risk-management in your client offering

​• Further associate your firm and its services with the best of the best


• Extend your products & services

• Share revenues – opportunity for firm & relationship managers

• Gain broader access to international community of HNWI & firms that serve them



• Associate with the best names in medicine

• Foster client loyalty

• Contribute to welfare of your clients and their families

• PR and co-sponsorship opportunities to promote partners

• Philanthropic partnership opportunities through ME charitable giving-program

Your Health

Your Health Starts Here

“To live a full and vital life, good health is absolutely essential. Medical Excellence has the best programs to safeguard life's most precious asset”

Maurice R. Greenberg


Welcome to Medical Excellence, the exclusive global membership club for health and healthy lifestyles. Medical Excellence pioneered the concept of the “Family Office for Health Care”. This means we actively manage your health and the health of your loved ones just as your wealth is managed – with the very best professionals, practices and amenities available anywhere in the world.

​Uncompromising Quality. Preferred access to the world’s finest physicians, hand-picked according to our Member’s specific health care needs and goals. Established in 2009, the Medical Excellence International brand offers a comprehensive suite of elite global medical resources and health management services to the world’s leading citizens. With the most professional and experienced health management team and unparalleled quality medical services, MEI is the health management  expert most trusted by celebrities as well as the top business and political leaders of the world. 



+1 212-884-0584




399 Park Ave, 3rd Fl, New York,

NY USA 10022

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