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Comprehensive Risk Management for your Most Precious Asset

Retain a Health Advisor. You retain top Advisors to provide risk management and optimize results for your financial assets to ensure that the fruits of your labor are well protected. MEI applies the same logic to health risk management, using the latest knowledge and health management techniques to protect you and

your family’s health.

As your personal health advisor, we advocate the importance of a comprehensive annual physical examination performed by the world’s elite physicians.

The Gold Standard Care 

Prevention and Planning. With the rapid advance of technology, diagnostic screening and preventative healthcare planning have emerged among the most sophisticated fields of medicine. Today we are able to assess every vital system of the human body, screening down to the level of genetic markers. Yet this proven path to optimal health risk management, wellbeing, and longevity is commonly overlooked. Every sound health risk management plan must begin with a comprehensive, State of the Science medical evaluation, repeated annually, as well as developing, and maintaining, a long-term individual healthcare plan.  

Professional Management Matters 

Given the complexity of modern medicine, high net worth individuals and their families require professional healthcare management just as they require professional wealth management. Experience shows that to deliver full benefits, even the world’s best health care must be organized on behalf of the patient. A professional health advisor also serves as an advocate vis-à-vis doctors and hospitals, asking questions and keeping the patient, as well as the patient’s family, informed and in control.

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