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Successful Experience throughout the world

Top medical resources are rare commodities. MEI’s management team has accrued an average of over twenty-five years of experience in the fields of medical and health care management. We know how to identify the most credible/best doctors operating at the highest levels of their profession, along with their medical facilities they offer the most comprehensive preventative and advanced medical care available in the world. Furthermore, we assist our members in navigating they complicated process of seeking health care and medical services.

Digitize Vital Data  

Less than one percent of the population has an electronic health record, but neglecting this resource often comes at great cost to the patient. Medical data and records must be stored securely with absolute confidentiality (HIPPA-compliant), maintained and updated continually, globally accessible to authorized caregivers 24/7/365 and used as an essential tool in a personal health strategy. 

The Ubiquitous Umbrella  

High net worth individuals and their families require a global healthcare network and 24/7/365 support to ensure access to the best care wherever they go. Emergency support must include a capability for real-time consultation and second-opinions by the patient’s personal physicians and specialists to support local caregivers wherever they may be. ​  

Information that Works for You  

Rapid progress in medicine has made informed access to the best health care a formidable undertaking. The sheer volume and complexity of information -- a critical asset that can save or enhance lives – is overwhelming for most individuals and families. In this environment, patients can benefit greatly from a “personal healthcare search engine” – a reliable service that culls the available data and delivers the latest research and news that is truly meaningful to their individual needs.

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