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Private Health Care Advisory at its Finest

Welcome to Medical Excellence! We are a private health advisory firm designed to carefully curate the best doctors, top medical science, and expert management services. The pace of innovation in health care diagnostics and treatment, most notably in the last few years, has been nothing short of amazing. And, in the 2020s we will see the greatest decade of medical advances in the diagnosis and treatment of illness in history. Truly, with the advent of precision health, patients will enjoy a much larger menu of preventative and interventional choices to pursue good health and healthy longevity. Navigating the complex medical innovation landscape is both difficult and, at the same time, highly valuable. Founded in 2007, Medical Excellence is the preeminent Private Health Advisory organization created to provide our Members with preferred access to the best that medicine can offer. Families in four Continents trust Medical Excellence to curate the medical innovation landscape to ensure they are receiving state-of-the-science medical care. 

​We carefully built a network of top physicians and academic medical centers that represent the absolute vanguard of medical capabilities.

Our Business Intelligence team, along with an exclusive partnership with Medical Excellence Capital, LLC allow us to track and curate the leading edge of medical innovation.

We create highly-customizable Preventative and Interventional Medical Programs designed to advance longevity.

​The company was founded in 2007, organized around the concept of building the first true Family Office for Health Care. The European company is owned by Agilence Health Advisors, LLC a company controlled by John Prufeta. The U.S. and Asia company is a partnership founded by John Prufeta, that includes investments from former AIG Chairman and Philanthropist Maurice R. Greenberg (C.V. Starr). In 2009, John was wise enough to convince his wife Olga to join him as an operating partner of the firm. Prior to Medical Excellence, Olga was a Managing Director of the Fleming Family Asset Management Fund and Pioneer Securities/First Boston. 

​We operate the company in Europe, Eastern Europe, U.K., Hong Kong, China, Middle East and the U.S. The design concept was to create a framework to provide the highest level of health care services to individuals and families in three core states:

First, to offer a bespoke annual preventative medicine membership program that offers a combination of state of the science diagnostics, expert logistics, preferred access to a carefully curated physician/hospital network, client advocacy through a dedicated Personal Health Advisor, a secure and complete electronic medical record, and surveillance/support on follow-ups throughout the year. This service offers, comprehensive 2.5-day medical check-up, 24/7 Personal Health Advisor (no call center!!), and support in an emergency anytime during the year. Under this scenario Medical Excellence will be responsible for the costs (as described in the Membership Agreement) associated with the annual medical checkup. The annual fee for international Members and Members with the US or Global insurance is different. Please note in this variation that many top U.S. physicians DO NOT take insurance reimbursement and therefore the Member will be out of pocket for physician fees and/or lab work.


​Second, to provide world-class case management services for individuals requiring access to the very best medicine, either for hard to diagnose medical issues or those well-defined. Most cases require a close coordination of top local and US medical resources. About 60% of these cases referred to us are cancer cases. However, we are well-noted as a resource for esoteric medical cases, utilizing our ability to set up independent medical assessment teams to get the right answers and treatment for our patients. The cost for these services are, as expected, highly variable.


This service requires an access fee with additional charges for Advisors and Logistics. Some cases require merely a half-day of advisory assistance, while some require many months of close case management. In addition, we offer a “break glass in case of emergency” service that provides an initial on-boarding of the Member and their medical records that places Medical Excellence in a ready-reserve position for those Members disinclined to follow the prescripts of the full preventative medicine regimen. 

Third, we offer in-person and remote second opinions utilizing our top doctors in the United States. This is one-time service with a service fee plus physician fees. There may also be a fee if additional diagnostics are necessary to render an opinion.

 *All prices are in effect until 1 Jan 2023

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